Que mettre dans sa valise de maternité ? (Version papa)

What to put in your maternity suitcase? (Dad version)

Yes yes, you read correctly, we have designed a maternity suitcase for dads!

Much shorter than that of mothers, it is nevertheless useful to best support the mother-to-be!

  • a change of clothes,
  • a toilet bag,
  • energy snacks and drinks for you and your wife, because becoming parents is tough (but also because maternity vending machines are not always functional, we're not going to lie!)
  • A charger and electronic devices (to immortalize these precious moments and announce the good news!)
We take the opportunity to tell the dad that he can take advantage of the mother-to-be's working time to think about a nice birth gift: a beautiful piece of jewelry, a pretty piece of clothing , a photo shoot, etc.
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